More about rulings

The following are published on the Swedish version of the website: guiding judgments and decisions (precedents) from 2003 onwards, information about matters that the Supreme Court is intending to review (leave to appeal), and information about ongoing cases where the Supreme Court has requested preliminary rulings from the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Around four months after the Supreme Court has given judgments or decisions, reports of these are published in Nytt Juridiskt Arkiv (NJA). When said reports have been published, an NJA reference is cited alongside the relevant ruling on the court’s website. As of 1981, NJA reports can be read on the website. Old editions of NJA are available at many libraries.

As of 2017, many precedents are given names. When referred to in later rulings, even older precedents are sometimes given names. These names are a sort of working title that, in addition to the case and NJA references, aim to simplify recognition and citing of cases. Such names are stated alongside the relevant rulings on the website.