Agneta Bäcklund

Born 1960

Member of the Supreme Court since 2010

Master of Laws, Stockholm University, 1985
Law clerk, Norrköping District Court, 1985–1988
Associate judge, Svea Court of Appeal, 1994
Served in the Ministry of Justice: legal expert, 1994–1998; deputy director, 1998–2000; senior adviser, 2000–2002; director and head of the Division for Prosecution Issues, 2002–2003; director and head of the Division for Criminal Law, 2003–2005; director general for legal affairs, 2005–2010

Public assignments

Special inquiry officer, adviser and expert in various state inquiries (e.g. the “Psychiatric Care Committee” and the “Penal Sentences Inquiry”)
Member of the “Personal Property Purchases Committee”

Other assignments

Member of the Swedish section of the International Association of Penal Law
Member of the Olin Foundation for Legal History

Published texts, etc.

Co-author of “The Penal Code – A commentary” (continuously revised)
Swedish editor of Nordisk domssamling (“Nordic court reports”)



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