Johan Danelius

Born 1968

Member of the Supreme Court since 2020

Master of Laws, Stockholm University, 1993
Law clerk, Södra Roslag District Court, 1994–1996
Associate judge, Svea Court of Appeal, 2000
Served in the Ministry of Justice Division for Real Estate and Company Law and Division for Procedural Law and Court Issues: legal expert, 2000–2003; deputy director, 2003–2006; senior adviser, 2006–2009; director, 2012–2015
Positions in law firms, 1993 – 1994, 1996 and 2009 – 2012 (most recently as solicitor and partner at Hamilton Advokatbyrå)
Temporary director for legal affairs, Ministry of Justice, 2015–2016
Director general for administrative affairs, Ministry of Justice, 2016–2020

Public assignments

Officer, expert and adviser in various state inquiries (e.g. the “Takeover Inquiry” and the “Inquiry into compensation for compulsory acquisition”)

Other assignments

Member of Sweden’s local board of the meetings of Nordic jurists
Arbitration assignments

Published texts, etc.

Author and co-author of legal literature, primarily as regards the law governing limited companies



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