Svante O. Johansson

Born 1960

Member of the Supreme Court since 2011

Master of Laws, Lund University, 1986
Law clerk, Trollhättan District Court, 1986–1989
Junior judge, West Sweden Court of Appeal, 1990; associate judge, West Sweden Court of Appeal, 1992
Legal expert, Ministry of Justice, 1996–1997
Sweden’s average adjuster, 1998–2011
Doctor of Laws, University of Gothenburg, 2001
Reader in civil law, University of Gothenburg, 2002
Torsten Pettersson professor of maritime law and other transport law, University of Gothenburg, 2005–2011
Adjunct professor, 2007–2011 (Professor II, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law, the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo)
Visiting professor, McGill University, Montreal (Quebec, Canada), the 2009/2010 academic year

Public assignments

Secretary, expert and special inquiry officer in several state inquiries (e.g. in the area of transport law and in respect of the “Elections Act”, transport legislation and the handling of dangerous/explosive goods) Most recently, Special inquiry officer in the 2016 Maritime Code investigation of adoption of the “Rotterdam Rules”
Member of the “Shipping Industry Board” (as of 2011, the “Shipping subsidy delegation”), 1998 – 2011
Stand-in chair of the Election Review Board
Stand-in chair of parliament’s National Board of Appeal
Deputising member of the Judges Proposals Board

Other assignments

Member of the Swedish editorial team for Nordiske domme i sjøfartsanliggender (“Scandinavian decisions in maritime cases”)
Member of the editorial council of MarIus (a maritime law periodical)
Member of the academic council for Juridisk Publikation (a journal that seeks to promote legal debate)
Member of the editorial council of Juridisk Tidskrift (a journal covering all areas of law)
Member of the board of Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law, Stockholm University
Member of the board of the Law Library at the Swedish Bar Association

Published texts, etc.

A large number of articles and books, primarily on property law
Wide-ranging teaching and lecturing (primarily civil law and procedural law)



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