New precedents have been translated into English

The "Capercaillie Courtship in Malsättra" case and the "Dummy Weapon" case, as well as the combined cases "The Bus stop Murder" (I) and "Årsta Square" (II), have now been translated into English.

“The Bus Stop Murder” (I) and “Årsta Square” (II) cases, NJA 2023 s. 29, in summary: Evaluation of evidence in cases of murder and attempted murder (I and II).

The Supreme Court's judgments were delivered on 14 February 2023.

The "Capercaillie Courtship in Malsättra" case, NJA 2023 s. 291, in summary:
A landowner who was unable to fell a 22-hectare forest area because of the provisions of Section 4 of the Species Protection Ordinance has been awarded compensation from the State.

The Supreme Court's judgment was delivered on 5 April 2023.

The "Dummy Weapon" case, NJA 2023 s. 393, in summary:
The police had exchanged weapons for a dummy four months before an individual tried to retrieve the weapons. Because the danger of the completion of the weapons offence was already excluded when the defendant's intention was formed, it was an impossible attempt that is not punishable.

The Supreme Court's judgment was delivered on 14 April 2023.