The Supreme Court reports on its activities

The Supreme Court has released its 2022 Activity Report. Among other topics, it covers important events during the year, summarises certain guiding rulings (precedents), and presents statistical information.

The theme for this year’s Activity Report is “International currents”. This theme is addressed in the initial comments by President Anders Eka.

By virtue of Sweden’s accession to the EU and the ever-increasing significance of the European Court of Human Rights, the Swedish courts are now part of what is clearly a European-law context. This is evident, of course, in our judicial operations. But this also means that we are now in contact with courts and judges in the rest of Europe in a way which entirely differs from the past.

The Activity Report includes an article on the Stockholm Colloquium, organized by the Supreme Court in May 2022. The Stockholm Colloquium was a conference for the presidents of the supreme courts of Europe. Presidents from more than 30 countries participated and discussed questions on the theme of open data and artificial intelligence. The Activity Report also includes articles on newly appointed Justices and the Supreme Court’s work with improving its judgments and its communication.

As in previous years, the Activity Report contains summaries of a selection of precedential cases decided during the year. Amongst these, mention may be made of:

  • The ”Murder in Husum” case, in which the Supreme Court granted a new trial concerning a murder that took place 26 years ago.
  • The "BankID Fraud” case, in which the Supreme Court concluded that a consumer was entitled to compensation after unauthorised transactions from the consumer’s bank account.
  • The ”Universality Principle” case, in which the Supreme Court concluded that Swedish courts are competent to prosecute a crime against a Swiss citizen allegedly committed in Sudan.

For interviews with President Anders Eka or additional information regarding the activities of the Supreme Court, please contact the administrative junior judge Peder Mühlenbock.


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