Information about coronavirus (COVID-19)

You should not visit the court if you have symptoms of respiratory infection. This is true even if you have mild symptoms.

Are you summoned to a court hearing?

If you have received summons to a court hearing but are unable to attend you must contact the court for information on what applies.

Currently there may be longer response time than usual. Please contact the court preferably by e-mail.


Solna district court's oppening hours are 8:00 am - 4:30 pm. We urge anyone who wants to get in touch with the court to use email as much as possible.

Do you have questions about the coronavirus (COVID–19)?

If you have symptoms, you should call 1177.

If you have general questions about coronavirus (COVID-19), you can call the national information number 113 13.

Follow the development regarding the coronavirus

If you want to follow the development regarding the coronavirus, you can visit the website of the Public Health Agency of Sweden or the website of the Government offices of Sweden.