Working at the Supreme Administrative Court

Recruitment takes place after vacancies have been announced. Announcements are made on the Court's Swedish website and on the Swedish National Courts’ Administration's website under "lediga anställningar" (vacant positions).

The Supreme Administrative Court is Sweden’s final instance out of the administrative courts. The Court tries, among other matters, appeals of judgments and decisions, from Sweden’s administrative courts of appeal.

The Court has approximately 80 employees, just over half of whom have a law degree. While the Court is situated on Riddarholmen islet in Stockholm, a number of the Court's judge referees work remotely from other courts throughout the country.

With the exception of the justices, the entire staff is organised into three case preparation divisions and one administrative unit. The case preparation divisions are specialized and administer cases regarding for example social insurance, social welfare, compulsory care and tax matters, etc.

Working as a judge referee

Work description

Working as a judge referee in the Supreme Administrative Court includes:

  • Participating in the development of future administrative-law precedents;
  • Collaborating with some of Sweden's foremost jurists; and
  • Working in an enjoyable environment with congenial colleagues.

Approximately 36 judge referees work at the Supreme Administrative Court. Nearly half of them work remotely, i.e. their ordinary workplace is somewhere other than Stockholm. Nonetheless, they regularly travel to Stockholm in order to, for example, present cases or attend unit meetings.

As a judge referee, you work independently and are engaged in work that is both stimulating and professionally enriching. Successful completion of your service at the Court will reward you with sterling qualifications for, for example, being appointed as a judge by the Government.

As a judge referee, you are responsible for the preparation and presentation of cases. Judge referees perform legal assessments of appeals and applications, present judicial enquiries, and submit reasoned proposals for rulings. You will develop front-line skills in qualified legal analysis and problem-solving techniques in the areas of law in which the Court works.


In order to work as a judge referee, candidates must have qualified and proven court experience as an associate judge or an attorney with extensive experiences from court proceedings. Judge referees may also have backgrounds involving specific court experience combined with particularly solid expertise in the areas of, for example, taxation, social insurance or public procurement.

Employment as a judge referee is subject to the provisions of sections 25 and 26 of the Instruction for the Supreme Administrative Court Ordinance (1996:378).

How to apply

The Supreme Administrative Court invites applications for available positions every spring and autumn. Available positions are announced before each recruitment round on the Court's website and on, in Swedish only.

The recruiting process

The Supreme Administrative Court invites suitable candidates to an interview. The interviews are conducted by the registrar, a justice, a head of a case preparation division and an administrative junior judge. Following the interviews, the Court obtains references and then decides wo will be offered a position.

If you would like to know more

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Registrar Marie Jesperson on +46 (0)8 561 676 00.


Working as a court clerk

As a court clerk, you participate in the administration of the Court's approximately 500 different types of cases. The work involves, among other things, registering matters, managing correspondence, and administering judgments and decisions.

Court clerks work with several cases at a time. The work is carried out indepentently as well as in cooperation with other court administrators in the division. You will also have extensive contact with the head of the case preparation division and judge referees. You external contacts with parties, legal counsels and others is primarily in writing or by telephone.

When the Supreme Administrative Court has openings for court clerks they are announced under Vacant Positions (in Swedish only).

Working as a summer law clerk

The Supreme Administrative Court admits 2 to 3 summer law clerks for a period of several weeks during the summer, beginning in June.

Qualified applicants are Swedish citizens who, at the commencement of their clerkship, have studied law in a Swedish law program for a minimum of seven semesters but who have not yet received their degree.

The recruiting process is initiated only after openings have been announced. Openings are announced in Vacant Positions (in Swedish only) on the Swedish website of the Court and on the website of the Swedish National Court's Administration.

If you have any questions, contact the Court’s administrative junior judges. They may be reached via the Court’s exchange on +46 (0)8 561 676 00.