Corona virus information

Due to the Covid-19 virus we ask you to only visit court if necessary and not at all if you're experiencing cold symptoms. If you are called to appear in trial but feel ill, contact the district court immediately, preferably by e-mail.

Acknowledge social distancing!

Be considerate, protect yourself and others by keeping 1,5-2 meters (5-7 feet) distance to fellow visitors.

If you are called to trial

If you have received a notice to appear in court, that summons is mandatory until you receive different information from the courthouse.

If you are experiencing symptoms of a respiratory illness, even if mild, you must contact the district court. Contact information can be found on your summons.

If experiencing milder symptoms, it might be possible to appear in court from home, through phone or video conference system. Video conference requires a computer with webcam, smartphone or tablet and a stable internet connection.

It might be possible to appear by video conference from your home, even if you are currently healthy. If you wish to do so, contact the court as soon as possible to find out if it is possible in your individual case.

Contacting Växjö District Court

Contact us for further information or if you can’t make it to trial.

You will reach us best through e-mail but can also use phone during office hours:

Kontakta tingsrätten

Kontakta oss för att få information om vad som gäller eller om du behöver meddela förhinder.

Du når oss enklast via e-post, men du kan också kontakta oss via telefon under våra telefontider:

Visits by the public and study visitations

Due to the pandemic we all need to work together to reduce the rate of infection.

The public is urged to avoid all unnecessary visits to the courthouse. Do not visit district court if you have any symptoms of illness, such as but not limited to, coughing, fever, shortness of breath or runny nose. This advice is ongoing and aim to protect people at risk, whose presence at court is mandatory.

The number of public seats in our courtrooms are limited due to the Covid-19 restrictions. In addition, the number of allowed audience can be adjusted further due to the number of parts in a certain court case, leading to cases where no member of the general public is allowed in the courtroom.

  • Courtrooms 1, 4 and 5 – Limited to three people in the audience
  • Courtroom 6 – Limited to seven people in the audience

We have cancelled planned study visitations and for the time being won’t accept new bookings.

Statistics and news related to Corona virus

The Swedish National Courts Administration produces statistics on how the courts are affected by the Corona pandemic. This information is only available in Swedish.